The EU Club celebrated its 3-rd anniversary at Friday 23rd May, 2003 by vcci
The EU Club at the BCCI set up on an initiative of the Euro Info Centre-Sofia celebrated its 3rd anniversary. Ambassadors of the EU member and candidate countries, politicians and entrepreneurs attended the event. Mrs. Ingrid Shikova, Director of the Information Centre of the EU and Chairman of the Club, Mrs. Meglena Kuneva, Minister of European Matters and Mr. Bojidar Bojinov, President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed the participants and presented in brief the activities of the EU Club during the three years of its existence.

Bulgarian metallurgy marks its 50-th anniversary at Friday 23rd May, 2003 by vcci
This year the Bulgarian metallurgy marks its 50-th anniversary. The first steel mill was launched in Pernik in the distant 1953. The construction of the zinc smelter in Kardzhali was finished shortly after the Pernik facility, together with the opening of the independent higher metallurgical faculty. Turning back to the beginnings and the road that led to the Kremikovtsi steel works, the Lead and Zinc Smelter near Plovdiv and the copper smelter of Pirdop, all of them relatively large industrial enterprises enterprises for a country of the size of Bulgaria, we have to recognise their great industrial potential for the country.

Bulgaria and Albania Signed Free Trade Agreement at Friday 23rd May, 2003 by vcci
Bulgaria signed an agreement for free trade with Albania.Such free trade agreements (FTAs) with countries that have signed the memorandum for good will for trade liberalization and facilitation within the Stability Pact are part of Bulgaria’s foreign economic policy. The agreement provides conditions for enhancing the trade and the economic relations between the countries that sign it. According to the Brussels memorandum from June 21st 2001, in concluding FTAs, the countries that have signed it are to give priority to countries with which the EU has signed stability and association agreements.